Which drugs are most effective in treating social anxiety disorder?

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  • 18 July 2022

A serious neurological problem called social anxiety disorder can significantly affect your daily life. It goes much beyond being timid or reserved. A chronic dread of being scrutinized or criticized by others that interferes with your daily activities is known as a disorder of social anxiety. You may overcome social anxiety disorder and experience better situations with other people. Discover the most effective methods for treating social anxiety disorder and how to control it at home.

What is social anxiety disorder?

A continuing doubt of feeling ashamed, viewed negatively, or scolded by others is known as a social anxiety disorder.

Anxiety can be so distressing that it might:

  • • Influence or restrict your behavior
  • • Lower the standard of your daily existence
  • • Regulate your ability to have fulfilling and enjoyable connections
  • • Impede your capacity to perform at your highest level on the job or in the classroom

Multiple signs of social nervousness are:

  • • Experiencing a rapid heartbeat
  • • Feeling thirsty or shying
  • • Experiencing uncomfortable
  • • Shivering
  • • Keeping the eyes closed
  • • Talking softly.
  • • Trouble with speech
  • • Ignoring particular circumstances or locations

Some neurological problems frequently co-occur with social anxiety disorder are depression, chronic stress, and the use of drugs. The effects frequently begin in early adulthood. A few individuals could just experience social anxiety when they are going to give a speech or perform on stage.

Social anxiety disorder causes

Like other forms of mental illness, social anxiety condition most likely results from a mix of heredity and environment. It gets started after some people have an uncomfortable experience during the event. Others could get it from their family members

The following are additional causes of social anxiety:

  • • Growing social anxiety disorders in your family
  • • Being the victim of bullied or teasing as a kid
  • • Had a scarred past as a kid
  • • Assuming additional obligations that involve publicly speaking or performing

Can social anxiety be treated?

The disorder can have varied effects on several individuals based on their level of anxiety plus the therapy they get. Well, it may be an intermittent problem for certain individuals, but others can feel serious illness with repeated symptoms. According to research, many patients with social anxiousness syndrome receive symptomatic relief after receiving medication. It can be effectively addressed through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), particular medications, or both of them. It is also important to know the duration that a person has symptoms.

Which drugs are most effective for social anxiety?

SSRIs and venlafaxine ER are regarded as the most preferred drugs, despite the fact that many different drugs can be recommended for social anxiety disorder. According to study results, problems improved in over fifty percent of people using such medications. In comparison with different antidepressants including tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) and monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), SSRIs and venlafaxine possess a lower chance of negative effects. Similar signs associated with this illness, especially sadness, may also be treated by using these drugs. Presently no specific drug has been scientifically discovered to be more successful than each other in treating the disorder of social anxiety.

Remember that finding the proper drug may require a bit of time. Prior to choosing the best form, you may need to play around with a few various ones. It's crucial to go over such pharmaceutical alternatives with your doctor.

The conclusion

A mental health illness has an adverse effect on many aspects of a person's life, particularly their professional life, social interactions, and everyday actions. Paroxetine, Sertraline, and Venlafaxine are the only expert's suggested treatments for social anxiety disorder at the moment. In certain cases, these effects are treated without a prescription with other drugs such as propranolol and benzodiazepines.

The symptoms are also treated with non-drug approaches like CBT. A variety of networks are accessible to connect individuals with others with comparable issues. Since everyone reacts uniquely to various medications, it's important to be upfront and frank with your healthcare practitioner so that they can choose the best course of action for you.

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