Is ambien a controlled substance

ambien substance
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  • 18 July 2022

Is Ambien a controlled substance

Yes, Ambien (zolpidem) is a controlled substance in the United States. It is classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which means it has a low potential for abuse relative to drugs in Schedule III, II, and I.

Ambien is considered a controlled substance because it can cause physical and psychological dependence and has the potential for abuse, especially if taken in higher doses or for longer periods than prescribed. As a result, it is important to take Ambien only as directed by a licensed healthcare provider and to avoid sharing it with others or taking it in ways other than prescribed.

QUVIVIQ vs Ambien

QUVIVIQ (calcitonin salmon) and Ambien (zolpidem) are two different medications used for different purposes

QUVIVIQ is a nasal spray medication used to treat osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. It works by reducing bone loss and increasing bone density. It is a synthetic version of a hormone called calcitonin that is naturally produced by the thyroid gland.

Ambien, on the other hand, is a medication used to treat insomnia (difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep) in adults. It belongs to a class of drugs called sedative-hypnotics and works by slowing down brain activity to help you sleep. It is usually taken by mouth as a tablet.

Although both medications are used to treat conditions related to sleep, they have different mechanisms of action and are used for different purposes. It is important to use medications only as prescribed by a healthcare provider and to discuss any concerns or questions about your medication with your healthcare provider. Buy Ambien Online

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