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The dose of this medicine is different for different patients. Follow your doctor’s or label directions. The information below contains only the average doses of this drug. If your dose is different, don’t modify it unless your doctor tells you to. The amount of medication you take depends on the strength of the medication.

In addition, the number of doses you take each day, the length of time between doses, and how long you take the medicine will depend on the medical problem you are using the medicine.

To treat insomnia:

For the oral dosage form (prolonged-release tablets):

Adults: 6.25 milligrams (mg) (for women) or 6.25 or 12.5 mg (for men) once daily at bedtime. Your doctor needed then he can increase the dose. However, do not take more than 12.5 mg per day.

If needed, take only 1 dose per night.

Older adults: 6.25 mg once daily at bedtime.

Children: Not recommended.

For oral dosage form (tablets):

Adults: 5 milligrams (mg) for women and 5 or 10 mg for men once daily at bedtime. Your doctor needed then he can increase the dose. However, do not take more than 10 mg per day. Take only 1 dose per night as needed. Older adults: 5 mg once daily at bedtime.

Children: Not recommended.

Common Ambien Side Effects:

Best prices for Buy Ambien 6.5mg Online in USA is described above and Although your doctor may have prescribed Ambien to treat your insomnia, you are likely to experience certain side effects, although these are not universal.

A mild side effect of Ambien includes drowsiness even hours after ingestion, memory loss, rapid changes in your emotions and mood, depression or depression, increased anxiety, sensory disturbances, or hallucinations should be reported to your doctor and pharmacist immediately.

He will likely adjust your dose or change your medication. And best prices for buying Ambien online is now cleared so go order now, exciting offers are waiting for you.


It’s also important to remember that if you don’t sleep well while taking Ambien, it will be difficult for you to function the next day. Ambien users should not consume marijuana or alcohol. Finally, if you are pregnant or about to have an operation, only ask your doctor for advice. Buy Ambien 10mg Overnight Delivery in USA

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